Sunday, November 27, 2005


50 things about me you didn't need to know...


hate every kind of fruit

do like orange juice however
once threw a tantrum and trashed the classroom
suffer from recurrent mouth ulcers
have strong teeth and no fillings (yet) despite them
am scared of losing my teeth and have recurring dreams about them falling out
once played a workhouse boy/Fagin's boy in a school production of Oliver!
took guitar lessons but gave up and still can't play
got accepted to do a Masters Degree in English
fell of my bike and gravel rashed my whole face
owned two "old style" minis
got drunk on tequila slammers and couldn't stand the smell of lemons for years afterwards
hate corned beef and even dislike touching it
love the sun even on a freezing cold day
was in the rowing club at University
hate eating fish unless its battered and fried
love coffee but it disagrees with me
am extremely proud to be part Danish
was mistaken for a girl by an aunt in France
used to go to the back of the queue in Maths class and let people in ahead of me so my work didn't have to be marked
am scared of breaking a bone in my body someday
have no desire to ski
once swapped my prescription glasses for a pen at school
graffitied "Joanna Hicks is bad" inside my Dad's garden shed in black marker
tried to steal a bone from the family dog and got my elbow bitten
stayed up until 3am to create a human pyramid for a scavenger hunt at University
worked in quality control in an ice cream factory
wrote "could" on a schoolbook and convinced myself and a friend I had spelled it wrong
dressed up as the crocodile from Peter Pan for a fancy dress event at school and won
got photographed for the school annual for something that I had no involvement in whatsoever
used to bite my fingernails almost to extinction
now get requests to cut them because they get too long
only shave once a week because I'd make mincemeat of my face otherwise
used to put on Christmas shows with my sister for the rest of the family
always thought I'd get married at 28 - as it turned out I was 25
once kissed my reflection in a hot iron
rolled a car and everyone lived including the car
believe there is intelligent life beyond our planet
am a paid up member of the Pet Shop Boys fan club
threw up on the Waltzers on my 21st Birthday
"surfed" Prestel and Compunet the forerunners of the Internet and Email
made home videos of Peter Gabriel's "Games Without Frontiers" and Tight Fit's "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" with friends
was in the cub scouts and didn't like it at all
had my first girlfriend aged 4 (Amanda) and still have a small ceramic toby jug she gave me
received the slipper from the headmaster at primary school for kicking up raked autumn leaves
got sacked after my first day at a sales call centre because I was rubbish
crammed seven people into a mini and then had to avoid a police checkpoint in Northern Ireland
helped dig a 6 foot pit on a sandy beach and buried a friend in it feet first
was made to run around naked at my primary school swimming pool to get dry
won a prize for smallest pet at a fete with a grasshopper I had caught the same morning

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